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Hello and thank you for visiting and for your interest in coaching. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

My life hasn’t been a linear series of events that got me to where I am today. I did not follow a clear cut path in life that people sometimes think they need. I’ve had many different unrelated career experiences, having always lived on the edge of some creative, innovative venture, whether it was performing or acting, helping run an Irish pub or changing lives through a fantastic network marketing company.

And out of my own period of darkness following the end of my marriage and the life that I thought I was supposed to live, I began undertaking the most important experience yet, re-creating my own life. I began learning how my beliefs stopped me from being happy. I started letting go of telling myself that I just wasn’t meant to have what I wanted and that living “happily ever after” just wasn’t in the cards for me. I began to add peace and self-acceptance and work that fulfills me into my life. I created a life I love.

Through this new awareness came the realization that I had a personal mission to embark on, helping others find their inner happiness. I became a certified coach and a Reiki Master/Teacher while coming to understand how personal energy creates my most satisfying life story. I learned how my thoughts deeply affected what I believed was possible for me in life.

Now it is my mission to help you take that leap no matter where you are and create a life that you have only dared to dream of. I can help you uncover what stands in your way and connect the dots again where you are not seeing them. Through intuitive creativity, understanding where you are and helping you design where you want to go, I will help you let go of negative thoughts and energy so you can wake up and feel excited on a daily basis . I took the leap and am living a beautiful, thriving life. And now I show others how to do that too.

Because I believe that we all have a hand in designing our life experience, I use my 5 Fingerprint approach to coaching to help you create the life you desire. I use this framework to point you in the direction of living life as your truest and most positive you. Stop for a minute and ask yourself this question – are you genuinely enjoying your life as much as you would like to?

If you want to:

• Like your life more instead of feeling empty while going through the motions
• Get out of your head, stop putting yourself down and become truly comfortable in your own skin
• Make changes but have yet to because you question yourself and don’t know where to start
• Step away from unproductive indecision and trust yourself to make choices that feel right for you
• Bring more positivity into your daily living, relationships and interactions so that life moves from black and white into color
• Find and tap into your personal power rather than lose it by giving it to others

…then 5 Fingerprint Coaching can guide you into these aspects.

It doesn’t feel good to live with stress and anxiety daily, fooling yourself into thinking that life is supposed to be this way. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE. You were born to thrive in this life. Not to merely survive. With some positive guidance and perspective, and handling yourself with care, you can begin living more freely and authentically.

The 5 Fingerprints
1. Having A Daily Gratitude Practice
2. Loving Yourself and Minimizing Mind Gremlins
3. Releasing the P’s – Perfectionism and Taking Things Personally
4. Gaining Clarity On What It Is You Really Want
5. Allowing Others To Be Who They Are – Forgiveness and Releasing Judgment

When you are living as your best you, the stressors in your life – money, work, health, balancing your time and your roles, take on an ease that you probably never thought was possible. Watch with joy as you change within, your world without changes as well. You truly can have what you want in life!

If what I am saying speaks to you, I would like to offer you a complimentary discovery call. Let’s identify your unique Fingerprints so you will love yourself, love your life and have the most to offer the ones you love! Please contact me to set up this exciting session.

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