Are You A Player In The Blame Game?

It’s very easy to look at a situation and see what another person has done “wrong” in our opinion. And thus it’s very easy to blame that problem, or the “not working,” or the disconnect, or the ________(fill in the blank) on someone else….

Are You Broken Too?

heather o'neill coaching

I recently heard a song on the radio in which someone was singing about how much they like that another person is broken, “broken like me.” And I found myself shaking my head and wanting to shout loudly “NO ONE IS BROKEN!! It’s only…

What To Do When Your Loved Ones Do Not Walk Your Path

Heather O'neill Coaching

What happens when the people that are around us are not on our same path? Sometimes when we embark on journeys of personal growth these people may be our family or even our spouse. I have been asked this question before by clients who…