What Lens Do You See Life Through?

heather o'neill coaching - photo by designingjoe

I had a great talk with a client recently about the way everyone sees and interprets the experiences they encounter in life. And it’s a good thing to remind ourselves, that everyone sees and hears what goes on around them through their own individual filter….

How To Throw Out Your Head Trash

Heather O'neill Coaching

I am having one of those days where the head trash is REALLY trying to pile itself up within. You have probably heard me talk alot about head trash. It’s those completely disempowering, UN self serving thoughts that our minds like to serve up…

Kicking How You Feel About How You Feel Out Of The Driver’s Seat

heather o'neill coaching

Feelings get a bad rap. Because so often it’s not our initial feelings about things that get us so tripped up. It’s our feelings about our feelings. For example, many times when we experience feelings of anxiety, or anger or sadness we get very caught up…