One On One Coaching

heather o'neill coaching
Coaching can help you through many different life issues: changing jobs, relationships, feeling stuck, having trouble setting goals, desiring to live from more of a positive outlook, wanting to make changes in your life and not knowing where to start, the list is endless. But what it all has in common is a view on the most desirable future.

A coach serves as an accountability partner for you without the personal agendas and emotional attachments of family and friends and is trained to give clients a broader and perhaps alternate perspective on life situations.

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching does not spend a lot of time on what happened in the past but is rather a more forward-looking process. Coaching works on releasing those things that are not serving you and keeps looking forward to the life you want to lead. My coaching helps clients sharpen their vision to become very clear on what they want out of life and then helps clients create just that. My coaching also focuses on getting clients to become aware of negative thinking patterns so that the best parts of life; peace, freedom from obsessive thinking, joy, happiness, feeling successful, and well being (or whatever resonates most with you) are the states that are most familiar to you. Coaching helps your focus to stay on what’s RIGHT in your life and to create and attract more of that.

Coaching is very confidential and is done through a weekly hour long session over the telephone or via Skype where clients have the time to share wins and check in on suggested action steps. It is their time to discuss whatever they have chosen to work on for the week. As your coach I will guide you through the session with questions that will help you determine the best courses of action for yourself with suggestions and exercises to help you along your way.

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heather o'neill coaching

To find out if coaching is for you I offer a complimentary half hour call which is not a coaching session but rather a time to discuss issues and goals and see if we feel we are a good fit to work together. Please contact me to schedule a consultation where rates and packages can also be discussed.