Depositphotos_61663839_s-2015 Reiki is a holistic healing technique in which a giver channels energy toward a receiver. The source of the energy is the universe, not the channeler, and is infinite, life force energy. This energy flows within the receiver to wherever it is needed most.

Blocked and negative emotions and energies can be cleared and released, opening up the receiver to increased well being. When we don’t work on releasing and clearing blocked emotional and psychic “debris”, it can take a toll on our physical state.

Reiki promotes balance of body, mind and spirit.

Reiki can be done in person, with the practitioner gently laying hands on or slightly above the receiver or via long distance and is just as effective either way.

Reiki can:
• Relieve stress and tension
• Increase vitality
• Accelerate mental, emotional and spiritual growth
• Accelerate the body’s natural healing abilities
• Reduce blood pressure
• Ease pain
• Support and strengthen the immune system
• Balance sleep disorders
• Release old trauma and stuck emotions

I offer long distance Reiki sessions which include an initial email consultation in which I ask you to describe your current physical and emotional state. Your investment is $65.

We then schedule an agreed upon time that I will be sending Reiki as well as a follow up conversation.

Please contact me to schedule a session.