What Clients Have to Say

“I was feeling pretty run down and stressed from everyday life and was looking for a way to calm and center myself. I then met Heather at a party and was immediately drawn to her positive energy. I decided to schedule a reiki session with her and it was the best thing I could have done for myself, mentally and physically. Heather had an amazing way of making me feel comfortable, which allowed me to open up and share my feelings. After I left my first session, I immediately felt a release of all the bottled up emotions, stress and stale energy that I had been harboring. I highly recommend Heather, she not only heals with her hands but with her presence too!”
-Tara, NJ, Client Relations Manager


“Heather has been a very kind and supportive coach for me. Rather than ever being harsh or critical, the things that needed to be said were done so with frank kindness, never just telling me what to do. For a long time I thought that I had already learned much along the way, but what I realized through Heather’s coaching was that I was not applying what I knew in my daily life. Heather was the right fuse to get me started actually living what I know. Looking back I see I was off to a good start, but Heather gave me the guidance I needed while allowing me to continue learning on my own. As a result of my time with her, I am truly up and running! She helped me find the space to let go and trust and I have finally found the peace I have been looking for.”
– Julie, NJ, Respiratory Therapist


“When I first started my sessions with Heather I was feeling frustrated and defeated. I did not have the tools to work through these feelings. Yes, I do run and exercise and that does help clear my mind, but when the option to do either was not an option, I was stuck on how to get rid of the trash talk. Heather has given me tools that help with clearing, and even saying goodbye to the trash talk. I am now practicing meditation daily, first thing when I get up. I find that this practice helps clear my head which is typically pretty busy in the morning, and gets me ready to face the day. Yes, I do have moments of trash talk, frustration, and doubt, but now I have tools to help me work through these feelings and not let them take over my life.”
– Joan, NJ, Level Brand Promoter


“Heather has been an inspirational life coach. As we were going through some processes, it occurred to me that I had alot of negative energy which was finally coming to the surface. Through the guidance of Heather, we have worked on Law of Attraction and positive vibrations, which has refreshed and renewed my true self. Heather’s coaching brings calm, peace and understanding to life’s situations.”
– Mindy, CO, Teacher


“I recently exchanged an energy session for one of Heather’s life coaching sessions. I was absolutely blown away with her ability to ask pertinent questions that easily touched on the truth of things. I felt so excitedly empowered and confident in my ability to make the changes that I had deemed insurmountable before the session. Heather is truly gifted and with whom is a delight to work.”
– Kris, TX, Holistic Energy Practice, LLC


“I am truly inspired by Heather’s ability to reflect on life in such a positive, energetic and uplifting way. She takes a different angle on events that happen in life and makes even the most sincere action seem so fulfilling, worthwhile and spiritually compelling. I am now training for a 1/2 marathon and when we were talking she said something that I thought was brilliant. I kept saying ‘I’m not a runner, I just hope I can do it.’ And Heather said to me, ‘rather than think of yourself as not a runner how about you are in the process of becoming a runner’. I went out for a run that day and I hit a block as my legs were tired and I was hungry. The words sang in my head over and over…not ‘I knew I couldn’t do this’ this time but rather ‘I am in the process of becoming a runner.’ And I finished my run.”
– Robin, PA, Runner


“Heather has helped me greatly to get unstuck as she intuitively guided me to find creative solutions in my personal life and business. She helped me achieve some crucial short term goals for my business and I followed through with much success because of her coaching. Thank you Heather!”
– Dina, CA, Deliberate Attraction Coach


“Heather is helping me to believe that I can reach my goals and overcome my limiting beliefs in ways that I never thought possible before. As a direct result of her coaching, I have been empowered to bring about changes in my thought processes and my life that have greatly improved my health and well being. ”
– Susan, MD, Health Coach


“Since starting my coaching sessions with Heather I have noticed a positive change in my life. She has really helped me learn how to handle tough situations in life in a way that would empower my own self being. With the focus on creating a self sufficient person within, I am now able to work on bringing positive energy to the world around me. I would definitely recommend Heather to any person needing guidance on how to live a fulfilling life.” – Theresa, NJ, Physical Therapist


“I have been working with Heather for the past 6 months. During this time she has guided and grounded me using the Law of Attraction principles. She has given me the tools so that I can connect with my ideal desires. When you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing … everything else easily falls into place. Through Heather’s coaching, I am finding and staying connected to my true purpose. Thank you Heather.”
-Anita, NJ, Interior Designer